Interbeverage offers superior cost-effective glass containers provided directly by high qualified associated factories. Our mission is to skillfully help you showcase your products in the most genuine and spotless way. We help you save time (and money!)  so you can focus exclusively on your business.


To contribute to environmental awareness as well as to cooperate with business development by offering high quality and high demand products at prices that do not restrain our customers’ progress; we have what it takes to become your right arm.


We love working along with our customers in order to come up with the best and most innovative ideas. Our strategy focuses on getting to thoroughly know our customers’ businesses along with their vision in order to design the best showcase for their products.

Why Glass?

Glass is the perfect material to match your products. Glass containers protect and preserve the flavor and freshness of their content, and always keep the overall purity of the product. Among many benefits, we can find these related to:
The known health advantages of glass over other materials are massive. The top ones of the list include a zero rate of chemical interactions (BPA-free) and the preservation of vitamins, minerals, and freshness of the content.
Glass is certainly the only material that can be recycled time and again without losing its quality. It’s non porous and waterproof; plus, it can be shaped into different sizes and textures, which makes it perfect to accommodate easily to any product in the market.
Since glass containers preserve the freshness of its edible contents, they keep the flavors shining through as naturally as the first moment. No other material is as neutral as glass!